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09/17/2017Rev. Sinote Ibrahim Sunday Service - Desiring God Part II - Video
Sunday Service Matthew 13:44-46
Desiring God, Hedonism
09/10/2017Dr. Ashraf Selim Sunday Service - Redeeming the Time - Video
Sunday Service Ephesians 5:4
Redeeming the Time, Raising a Family, Raising Godly Children
09/03/2017Rev. Fady Ghobrial Sunday Service - Knowing the Will of God - Video
Sunday Service Romans 12:1-2
Knowing the will of God for us
08/27/2017Rev. Sinote Ibrahim Sunday Service - Delight in the Lord - Video
Sunday Service Jeremiah 32:36-38
Delight yourself in the Lord
08/20/2017Nizar Fares & Rev. Fadi Nouneh Sunday Service - Noah and the Call for Repentance - Video
Sunday Service Luke Luke 17: 20-37
Noah and the call for repentance, God's Judgement
08/18/2017Nizar Fares & Rev. Fadi Nouneh Gospel Concert - Truly Truly I Say Unto You - Video
Gospel Concert John 16:20

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Sunday School & Worship Services 11:00 AM
English College & Career Bible Study 7:00 PM
Arabic Bible Study & Prayer Meeting 7:30 PM
English College & Career Meeting 7:30 PM


The Cost of Following Jesus

When Jesus saw the crowd around him, he gave orders to cross to the other side of the lake. Then a teacher of the law came to him and said, “Teacher, I will follow you wherever you go.”

Jesus replied, “Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.”

Another disciple said to him, “Lord, first let me go and bury my father.”

But Jesus told him, “Follow me, and let the dead bury their own dead.”

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